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Saher Khan

BSc Food Studies and Nutrition (Industrial)

Saher is an international student studying in the School of Food Science and Nutrition and talks to us about student life as an international student at Leeds.

You will also find a video of Saher talking about student life on our international student page.

Saher has also take part in the industrial placement scheme, watch her video about the experience here where you will also find other helpful videos about the scheme.

Where are you from?
I am from New Delhi, India.

What made you want to study in the UK?
I wanted to study Food Science and this course does not exist in India and therefore, I decided to study in the UK.

Why did you decide to study Food Science and Nutrition at Leeds?
Leeds is the best Food School in the country and I also got a scholarship from Leeds and therefore, wanted to study here.

What do you think of the facilities here at Leeds?
The facilities here at Leeds are really good. As a student I don’t think I could have asked for anything more. In terms of my course we have a great faculty. Everyone is really helpful. In terms of life in Leeds. I live practically on campus. Everything is very close by and approachable.

How did you find out about the scholarship opportunity?
I found out about the scholarship opportunities via the Leeds India office. I was having financial problems the year I was to join university and expressed this to the team at the India office who then told me about the scholarship.

Can you tell me about the process of applying for your scholarship?

I sent in my grades that I had obtained as well as my predicted scores. I also very clearly explained my desire to study here and my need for the scholarship.

Has the scholarship helped ease you mind about money worries?
Yes. Had I not got the scholarship I would not have been here today.

What have you enjoyed most about your time at Leeds so far?
My course that is so interesting. The industrial placement opportunity offered as part of my course has by far been the best thing. I love the city.

What has been the most difficult thing to get use whilst living in a different country?
I think living away from my mom has been one of the most difficult things. Also I did not know how to cook at all when I came to university so learning how to cook and cooking for myself have been some of the toughest things for me.

Are you enjoying being surrounded in a different culture?
I love it here. The culture, I have realised, is not so different actually. Also I have realised that when you start thinking of a place as your home, you don’t really feel homesick and don’t really feel the culture shock.

Have you found any difficulties with the language barrier?

Not at all. In India the official language in English and so I have been learning and talking in English since I was a child. So I didn’t really have a language barrier.

Do you have any advice for an international student looking to study here?
I think I would just like to tell them to be sure about why they are coming here to study. For an Indian student to get admissions in UK universities is not tough. But it is important to understand what you want from an international education and from your course. If you are not sure about that you will not be able to make the most of what an education in the UK and at a University like Leeds has to offer.