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Victoria Burley

Associate Professor in Nutritional Epidemiology

"My research interests include factors affecting weight gain in middle-aged women, factors affecting satiety and energy intake, and the relationship between diet and cancer."
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Nutritional Epidemiology

We are a research-intensive group, led by Professor Janet Cade, which strives (both independently and collaboratively) to create, advance and disseminate nutrition research to make an impact on population health.


  • into the relationship between diet and chronic disease
  • assessing the impact of nutrition interventions on diet, knowledge and attitude to food
  • into the best ways of measuring the diet of populations (e.g. children)
  • studying the diets of different populations (e.g. pregnant women)


  • research, including the formulation of key health messages from scientific findings
  • literature review service, including rapid reviews


  • nutrition and public health modules at undergraduate and postgraduate levels
  • training in nutrition methods (e.g. dietary analysis)

Current research projects

Previous research projects

Interdisciplinary Centre in Obesity, Nutrition and Health (ICON-Health)

The Nutritional Epidemiology group is a founding member of the Centre, the development of which will capitalise on interdisciplinary excellence at Leeds linking nutrition, obesity and health.

The Centre will build on, and extend Leeds' strong collaborative capacity in research methodology, through knowledge transfer by promoting high quality cross-disciplinary research and teaching, in the fields of nutrition, obesity and health. The Centre aims to be cross-faculty and cross-Institute, it will be of potential benefit to a wide spectrum of staff within the University, and will help to promote the University within the city and beyond.