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Caroline Orfila

Associate Professor in Nutrition and Director of Research

"I am interested in understanding the role of the cell wall polymers in determining the mechanical properties of foods. I am collaborating with academic colleagues in the area of food processing and protein biochemistry as well as industry partners, to develop this multidisciplinary area of research."
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Nutrition and public health

Nutrition and Public Health

Over recent years the importance of food and diet on our health and wellbeing has been recognised but our eating habits and attitudes towards healthier diet continue to be challenged by the lifestyles that we lead. Obesity remains a growing problem for society, now threatening parts of the world previously associated with healthy diet and diabetes, heart disease, cancer and allergies are also areas that are closely linked to our dietary intake.

This research section is concerned with a wide variety of topics which aim to increase our understanding of the impact food  and diet has on our health and wellbeing. Whilst a significant part of the research comes under the area of nutritional epidemiology, there are active contributions from a large proportion of staff from within the School.

The work is far reaching in its outcomes, with projects covering topics such as:

  • Factors affecting satiety and energy intake (Burley)
  • The role of diet in chronic disease aetiology (Cade)
  • Behavioural nutrition in children and young people (Evans)
  • The role of dietary fibre (and their subtractions) on starch digestion (Orfila)