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Mike Morgan

Professor of Food Biochemistry

"My research interests include the development of sensitive detection methods, particularly immunoassays, for the study of low molecular weight components and contaminants of plant-based foods in food and human tissues"
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Inorganic and materials chemistry

Food Chemistry and Biochemistry

Food chemistry research is directed towards the experimental investigation and predictive modelling of the kinetic behaviour of complex reactions, with emphasis on the cocktail effects of different sugars and amino acids during Maillard browning.

Food biochemistry research is concerned with:

  • Metabolism, bioactivity and potential health benefits of flavonoids
  • Properties and analysis of food allergens
  • Consequences of the variable nutritional content of ethnic and regional foods

Our research laboratories provide excellent cell culture and state-of-the art analytical facilities.  Equipment includes normal and fast high resolution chromatography, with diode array and coularray dectectors, sophisticated LC-MS/MS equipment, facilities for protein purification, and ELISA plate readers.

Access to the Food Technology Laboratory and facilities for taste panels allows the direct incorporation of food processing techniques into the research.

Our research has been funded by the BBSRC, the UK Food Standards Agency, the EU, Industry and others. The group has always had a very healthy group of UK, EU and international PhD students, often funded by government bodies, and post-doctoral researchers and visiting workers funded from a number of different sources.