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Facilities at the School of Food Science and Nutrition


Our School is located in a custom-built facility at the heart of the University campus. It has several laboratories, maintained by skilled technical experts, in which industrial methods of food processing can realistically be reproduced and products developed, tested and analysed.

The School is well equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including:

  • Laboratories with cell culture facilities in a temperature and environment controlled room
  • Excellent HPLC and GC analytics (together with triple quadropole mass spectrometer, fluorescence, diode array and coularray detectors)
  • A sophisticated Akta protein purification set-up

The School also has easy access to the main lecture theatres and computer clusters, as well as its own seminar rooms, meeting rooms and a popular common room for students and staff.

Facilities video

Watch the video above to see the excellent facilities for yourself.