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Food science and nutrition PhDs and research degrees

We offer a range of food science and nutrition PhDs and MSc by research degrees.

If you choose to study for a PhD in food science and nutrition with us, you’ll be supported by researchers of international reputation, in excellent facilities, with lots of opportunities to further develop yourself through our Faculty Graduate School.

You’ll also find potential opportunities within multidisciplinary Doctoral Training Programmes, such as the Centre for Doctoral Training in Soft Matter and Functional Interfaces (SOFI CDT).

Food and nutrition research excellence

Our food science and nutrition team, who will support you throughout your studies, have an international reputation for the quality of their research.

In the latest Research Excellence Framework, the majority of our work was rated as ‘internationally leading’ or ‘internationally excellent’.

Study in excellent research facilities

We have all the facilities that you’ll need to support your doctoral research.

Our food science building houses cell culture facilities in a temperature and environment controlled room, excellent HPLC and GC analytics, and a sophisticated Akta protein purification set-up.

Exceptional support for doctoral students

We’ll support you during your PhD in many ways. 

You’ll meet with your academic supervisor several times a week in the lab or at a group meeting.

You’ll also benefit from formal review meetings with your supervisor regularly.

Our friendly and supportive approach is designed to help you develop your research skills and other generic skills such as planning and organisation.

This will help you to become an independent researcher producing outstanding research by the end of your doctoral studies.

Development opportunities through our Faculty Graduate School

Our Faculty Graduate School gives you lots of opportunities to develop your skills.

You’ll have the chance to attend courses to develop your research, interpersonal and life skills.

The Faculty Graduate School also helps you to network with PhD students from other departments, which could support your research and development.


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Hear from our students

Jose Villa Rodriguez

PhD in Food Biochemistry

"I decided to carry out my PhD studies at Leeds because it is renowned in the field of Food Science and Nutrition and the head of my research group is one of the leading researchers in this field worldwide."