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Malcolm Povey

Professor of Food Physics

"Over the last three decades, I have developed novel ultrasound/acoustic methods for food characterization and processing. Most recently, in collaboration with colleague Jianshe Chen, our work has highlighted the importance of sound in the human appreciation of food"
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Working with business

Working with business

The food industry is the largest manufacturing industry in the UK.

The business is increasingly reliant on science and technology to add value to its products, to meet the stringent specifications demanded by its customers and legislators, and to ensure that companies remain commercially competitive.

The University of Leeds is top-rated for food research with world-class expertise, which provides a unique facility for food research, to enable the food industry to meet new technical challenges and seize new commercial possibilities in food production.

The University covers a very wide science base, unparalleled equipment resources, development capacity and proven training facilities to provide an all inclusive service for food and drinks companies.

Service excellence
The School of Food Science and Nutriiton draws on the unique blend of expertise and equipment to provide a complete package of services from
concept to delivering technical solutions.

Core services include:

  • Delivering technical solutions and partnership programmes
  • Conducting fixed price critical research needs assessments
  • Offering technical consultancy
  • Determining funding needs and preparing applications for funding support
  • Acting in a scientific advisory role
  • Training courses and programmes for the food industry graduates and postgraduates


If you have and queries about our research or would like to discuss a potential project please email

We can help with quality assurance, food security, product development, new legislation and compliance monitoring.

A resource for all
We can offer applications and benefits to any type and size of food company, from small businesses to multi-national manufacturers, and also UK Trade Associations.

For further information about the way we can work together with your business please contact;

Mahmood Akhtar

T: +44 (0)113 343 1617