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"Our food industry employs 3.7 million people, contributing almost £90 billion to the economy. But there's a big skills gap across the food chain. The industry must attract more well qualified and ambitious candidates if it is to grow and innovate."

Jim Paice Former Minister of State for Agriculture and Food

There is a worldwide shortage of qualified food and nutrition graduates

Careers in food science and nutrition

Careers and employment

The food and drink industry is a global business that is thriving. Graduates from food and nutrition courses are in big demand and have the best employment prospects amongst science graduates, after medical and engineering related subjects. Food companies are attracted to Leeds to recruit the best talent, and some of our past graduates hold key positions in the food industry and government agencies. 

With technological advances and ever-increasing demand for new, healthy food products, there are some great opportunities out there for all our students, to take up employment all over the world with starting salaries of around £22,000 progressing to £65,000+ for senior positions.

Food Science graduates have important roles in ensuring that all the food products available on the supermarket shelves and at wholesalers are delicious, nutritious and safe to eat. They also have key positions in quality assurance, food manufacturing, product development, research, technical and environmental services.

Nutrition graduates will be able to work as nutritionists in food companies and other nutrition and health-related industries. They may also wish to undertake careers in nutritional research, public health promotion, product development, marketing and humanitarian work related to nutrition and public health.

Food Science and Nutrition graduates will have an overall appreciation of both food science and nutrition areas, and will therefore play key roles in the development of new, healthy product trends, including their promotion, marketing and labelling. In addition, the wide range of skills acquired will be relevant to roles in management areas.

No matter which career path you decide to follow you will need the right combination of skills, experience and confidence to make you the natural choice for employers when the right opportunities arise.

From the start of your degree we will help you to find a career that suits you and provide opportunities to develop your employment prospects, so that you can make a success of whatever you choose. If you're interested in starting your own business, we can even help you to do that through our Enterprise Scholars scheme.

Throughout your studies our Careers Centre will provide all the advice, support and guidance you need to find a career that suits you.

Some typical jobs

Food Technologist

Senior Sensory Scientist

Quality Control Manager

Group Brand Manager

Technical Manager

Specifications Technologist

New Product Development Manager

Food Developer

Quality Auditor

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