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Anwesha Sarkar

Associate Professor of Food Colloids
Research section: Food Colloids and Processing

Contact details

Room: G.13
Tel: +44 (0)113 3432748


Emulsions / Emulsion gels / Gels
Microgel particles
Protein complexes
Oral tribology
Colloidal aspects of digestion
Structure - satiety relationships
Imaging at colloidal length scales
Edible delivery systems
Controlled release

Photograph of Anwesha Sarkar

Research interests

I joined as a Lecturer in Food Colloids in September 2014. Prior to this, I was working in Nestl Research Centre & Innovations for 4 years at Switzerland. My current research areas of interest include:

  • Oral Processing and Tribology - to understand the mechanisms and governing principles of food oral breakdown in relation to physical properties of foods and saliva-mediated lubrication, e.g. changing tribology of food particles on exposure to saliva, interaction with lubricious mucin, oral transportation, bolus formation and the critical criteria of bolus swallowing. My key interests are to develop this interdisciplinary area of research to aim designing tailored food for elderly and to investigate mechanisms underpinning oro-sensory satiety to create satiety-enhancing foods.
  • Food Microstructure and Gastrointestinal Digestion - to reveal fundamental mechanisms and kinetics of breakdown of emulsions and emulsion gels during gastrointestinal digestion, interaction with physiological metabolites and fluid flow, to investigate how to tailor the material and microstructural properties of food structure to modulate lipid digestion in order to develop novel strategies for fat reduction, promoting satiety etc.
  • Edible delivery systems - to apply structural design approaches to develop new delivery systems (gels, particles, emulsions and encapsulation based systems) to protect and release bioactive compounds



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