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Lisa Marshall

Lecturer in Food Chemistry and Director of Student Education
Research section: Food Chemistry and Biochemistry

Contact details

Room: 1.02a
Tel: +44 (0)113 3431952


Composition of foods
Effects of processing on health benefits of food
Analysis of oils
Oxidative stability
Maillard reaction
Colour and flavour formation
Hibiscus sabdariffa

Photograph of Lisa Marshall

Research interests

I investigate the reactions and interactions of components of food using analytical techniques. Studies look at key components such as proteins, carbohydrates and lipids as well as small molecules, for example vitamins, minerals, food additives, flavours, colours, heat-induced and natural toxicants as well as bioactive compounds.

Recent and current projects include:

PATHWAY-27: Pivotal assessment of the effects of bioactives on health and wellbeing. From human genoma to food industry. An EU FP7 KBBE Funded Project.

The effects of green tea powder on bakery products. Optimisation of Baobab fruit processing and handling techniques for increased human nutrition and commercialisation in Malawi.

The effect of processing conditions on the bioactive compounds and aroma profile of wine from Hibiscus sabdariffa. Degradation and quality changes of repeated high heat temperature frying of plant oils.

Essential oils and lipid oxidation in model food.

Nutritional analysis of Saudi cereal foods and risk assessment of dietary exposure to acrylamide in Saudi and UK infants.

Bioactivity of Hibiscus sabdariffa.


Tembo DT, Holmes MJ, Marshall LJ Effect of thermal treatment and storage on bioactive compounds, organic acids and antioxidant activity of baobab fruit (Adansonia digitata) pulp from Malawi Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 58 40-51, 2017
View abstract

Ifie I, Abrankó L, Villa-Rodriguez JA, Papp N, Ho P, Williamson G, Marshall LJ The effect of ageing temperature on the physicochemical properties, phytochemical profile andα-glucosidase inhibition of Hibiscus sabdariffa (roselle) wine Food Chemistry -, 2017
View abstract

Ifie I, Marshall LJ, Ho P, Williamson G Hibiscus sabdariffa (Roselle) Extracts and Wine: Phytochemical Profile, Physicochemical Properties, and Carbohydrase Inhibition Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 64 4921-4931, 2016
View abstract

Sutulic S, Bosch C, Marshall L, Bordoni A, Hingyi H, Muller M, Orfila C, Agree PCG Effects of a 4-week intervention with ready-made bioactive enriched pancakes on biomarkers of the metabolic syndrome PROCEEDINGS OF THE NUTRITION SOCIETY 75 , 2016

Sindi HA, Marshall LJ, Morgan MRA Comparative chemical and biochemical analysis of extracts of Hibiscus sabdariffa Food Chemistry 164 23-29, 2014
View abstract

Atarés L, Marshall LJ, Akhtar M, Murray BS Structure and oxidative stability of oil in water emulsions as affected by rutin and homogenization procedure Food Chemistry 134 1418-1424, 2012
View abstract

Marshall LJ, Agbenorhevi JK Investigation into the Total Phenols and Antioxidant Activity during Storage of Fruit Smoothies Journal of Food Science and Engineering 2 72-79, 2012

Atarés L, Marshall LJ, Akhtar M, Murray BS Structure and oxidative stability of oil in water emulsions as affected by rutin and homogenization procedure Food Chemistry -, 2012

Thaiban MA, Holmes MJ, Orfila C, Marshall LJ An estimate of dietary exposure of acrylamide in Saudi infants PROCEEDINGS OF THE NUTRITION SOCIETY 71 E110-E110, 2012

Langer S, Marshall LJ, Day AJ, Morgan MRA Flavanols and methylxanthines in commercially available dark chocolate: a study of the correlation with nonfat cocoa solids. J Agric Food Chem 59 8435-8441, 2011
View abstract