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Alan Mackie

Head of the School of Food Science and Nutrition
Professor of Colloids Chemistry
Research section: Food Colloids and Processing

Contact details

Room: 1.22
Tel: +44 (0)113 3432959


Photograph of Alan Mackie

Research interests

Alan Mackie is Professor of Colloid Chemistry in the Department, appointed in September 2016 after a career based at the Institute of Food Research in Norwich. Alan's principal research interest is in tailoring of food structures for improved health benefits. This involves research in the following areas:

  • Using processing and formulation of dairy based protein systems to control nutrient release and regulate satiety.
  • Investigating the role of fibre in the upper GI tract including interactions with bile acids, as a potential agent to alter intestinal mucus permeability and alter the transport of food components into the colon.

The laboratory is in the process of being equipped for this work with various specialist pieces of equipment including: interfacial rheometers, surface tension apparatus and both static and semi-dynamic simulations of upper gastrointestinal digestion. In addition we will have the capability to fully analyse the products of digestion as well as assess their interactions with the intestinal mucosa.

Alan has worked with a wide range of UK sponsors including UK research councils, EU and other international funding agencies and in collaboration with a number of large national and international food companies. Potential visitors are very welcome to discuss related projects, funded for example via UK Research Councils (BBSRC and EPSRC) the European Union (e.g., EU Marie Curie schemes) or the Royal Society, etc.


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