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Melvin Holmes

Lecturer in Food Processing
Research section: Food Colloids and Processing

Contact details

Room: G.13
Tel: +44 (0)113 3437594


Mathematical modelling
Partial differential equations
Monte Carlo simulations
Risk and exposure assessments
Statistical and sensory Analysis
Food processing
New Product Development

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Research interests

My primary research interests lie in the use of partial and ordinary differential equations to model physical systems, for example, heat transfer during processing methods, electromagnetic microwave models and thermoacoustics and using the models to gain an insight into the complex interactions that occur in real systems. Solutions to these problems may be obtained both analytically and numerically and validation achieved by comparison with appropriate experimental results.

I also am interested in Monte Carlo models and other statistical techniques to utilise dietary data to conduct exposure assessments from contaminants. This involves using large datasets such as National Dietary and Nutrition Surveys (NDNS) and specifically conducted dietary surveys in addition to appropriate concentration data relating to the target compound.

Some current areas of research include:

  • Modelling and measurement of ultrasound propagation through emulsions
  • Ultrasonic characterisation of the bulk viscosity of fluids
  • Probabilistic dietary exposure assessments
  • Statistical modelling for sensory analysis
  • Measurement and development of active packaging


Shi J, Hu X, Zou X, Zhao J, Zhang W, Holmes M, Huang X, Zhu Y, Li Z, Shen T, Zhang X A rapid and nondestructive method to determine the distribution map of protein, carbohydrate and sialic acid on Edible bird's nest by hyper-spectral imaging and chemometrics Food Chemistry 229 235-241, 2017
View abstract

Zhai X, Shi J, Zou X, Wang S, Jiang C, Zhang J, Huang X, Zhang W, Holmes M Novel colorimetric films based on starch/polyvinyl alcohol incorporated with roselle anthocyanins for fish freshness monitoring Food Hydrocolloids 69 308-317, 2017
View abstract

Aktar T, Chen J, Ettelaie R, Holmes M, Henson B Human roughness perception and possible factors effecting roughness sensation Journal of Texture Studies 48 181-192, 2017
View abstract

Tembo DT, Holmes MJ, Marshall LJ Effect of thermal treatment and storage on bioactive compounds, organic acids and antioxidant activity of baobab fruit (Adansonia digitata) pulp from Malawi Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 58 40-51, 2017
View abstract

Karim Z, Holmes M, Orfila C Inhibitory effect of chlorogenic acid on digestion of potato starch Food Chemistry 217 498-504, 2017
View abstract

Laguna L, Aktar T, Ettelaie R, Holmes M, Chen J A Comparison Between Young and Elderly Adults Investigating the Manual and Oral Capabilities During the Eating Process Journal of Texture Studies 47 361-372, 2016
View abstract

Zhihua L, Xuetao H, Jiyong S, Xiaobo Z, Xiaowei H, Xucheng Z, Tahir HE, Holmes M, Povey M Bacteria counting method based on polyaniline/bacteria thin film Biosensors and Bioelectronics 81 75-79, 2016
View abstract

Ettelaie R, Holmes M, Chen J, Farshchi A Steric stabilising properties of hydrophobically modified starch: Amylose vs. amylopectin Food Hydrocolloids 58 364-377, 2016
View abstract

Sarkar A, Murray B, Holmes M, Ettelaie R, Abdalla A, Yang X In vitro digestion of Pickering emulsions stabilized by soft whey protein microgel particles: Influence of thermal treatment Soft Matter 12 3558-3569, 2016
View abstract

Xiao-Wei H, Zhi-Hua L, Xiao-Bo Z, Ji-Yong S, Han-Ping M, Jie-Wen Z, Li-Min H, Holmes M Detection of meat-borne trimethylamine based on nanoporous colorimetric sensor arrays Food Chemistry 197 930-936, 2016
View abstract

Yanxiao L, Xiao-bo Z, Xiao-wei H, Ji-yong S, Jie-wen Z, Holmes M, Hao L A new room temperature gas sensor based on pigment-sensitized TiO2thin film for amines determination Biosensors and Bioelectronics 67 35-41, 2015
View abstract

Aktar T, Chen J, Ettelaie R, Holmes M Evaluation of the sensory correlation between touch sensitivity and the capacity to discriminate viscosity Journal of Sensory Studies 30 98-107, 2015
View abstract

Nyambe-Silavwe H, Villa-Rodriguez JA, Ifie I, Holmes M, Aydin E, Jensen JM, Williamson G Inhibition of humanα-amylase by dietary polyphenols Journal of Functional Foods 19 723-732, 2015
View abstract

Xiaowei H, Xiaobo Z, Jiewen Z, Jiyong S, Xiaolei Z, Holmes M Measurement of total anthocyanins content in flowering tea using near infrared spectroscopy combined with ant colony optimization models Food Chemistry 164 536-543, 2014
View abstract

Hazlehurst TA, Harlen OG, Holmes MJ, Povey MJW Multiple scattering in dispersions, for long wavelength thermoacoustic solutions Journal of Physics: Conference Series 498 -, 2014
View abstract

Holmes MJ, Southworth T, Watson NG, Povey MJW Enzyme activity determination using ultrasound Journal of Physics: Conference Series 498 , 2014
View abstract

Farshchi A, Ettelaie R, Holmes MJ Influence of pH value and locust bean gum concentration on the stability of sodium caseinate-stabilized emulsions Food Hydrocolloids 32 402-411, 2013
View abstract

Watson NJ, Holmes MJ, Povey MJW Modelling and development of microwave meals using Comsol multiphysics 14th International Conference on Microwave and High Frequency Heating, AMPERE 2013 , 2013
View abstract

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View abstract

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View abstract

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