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Peter Ho

Lecturer in Food Processing
Research section: Food Colloids and Processing

Contact details

Room: 1.02
Tel: +44 (0)113 3430358


Food processing and packaging
Wine Science and Technology
Sensory Analysis
Shelf-life modelling
Food Quality and Safety
Experimental Design and Statistical Analysis
Process Analytical Technology (PAT)
New Product Development
Process and Product Optimization
Process monitoring, Measurement, Modelling and Control

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Research interests

My primary research interests are in the application of experimental design, statistical modelling and multivariate analysis techniques in food product development, product quality design, process and product optimization, and process monitoring, measurement and modelling. Some areas of interest include:

  • Experimental design and statistical analysis of food quality - The use of multivariate and non-parametric statistical methods for the analysis of food quality data (e.g., chemical, sensory, texture) ; experimental design and statistical modelling for product quality characterization; modelling the performance of sensory assessors; modelling consumer preferences with multivariate statistical techniques.
  • Techniques and models for better representation and optimal projection of product quality characteristics - the correlation of sensory quality/consumer preferences data (i.e, quantitative descriptive analysis, preference mapping, conjoint analysis with off-line, at-line and on-line instrumental methods; the use of survival analysis for modelling and predicting shelf-life; examining the relationship between quality characteristics (i.e., consumer preferences, in-process product quality, raw material requirements) and process operating conditions with statistical pattern recognition and multivariate projection techniques; models for monitoring and predicting food quality parameters.
  • Product quality design and process optimization - the optimization of product formulations and process operating condition using response surface methodologies and multi-objective optimisation techniques; developing a framework and practical guidelines for the application of Quality Function Deployment (QFD) in the food industry; assessing the use and integration of quality engineering techniques (i.e., robust design) and Process Analytical Technology (PAT) tools.


    Ifie I, Abrankó L, Villa-Rodriguez JA, Papp N, Ho P, Williamson G, Marshall LJ The effect of ageing temperature on the physicochemical properties, phytochemical profile andα-glucosidase inhibition of Hibiscus sabdariffa (roselle) wine Food Chemistry -, 2017
    View abstract

    Ifie I, Marshall LJ, Ho P, Williamson G Hibiscus sabdariffa (Roselle) Extracts and Wine: Phytochemical Profile, Physicochemical Properties, and Carbohydrase Inhibition Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 64 4921-4931, 2016
    View abstract

    González-Martínez C, Ho P, Cunha L, Schlüter O, Pittia P Identifying most important skills for PhD students in Food Science and Technology: a comparison between industry and academic stakeholders International Journal of Food Studies 4 163-172, 2015
    View abstract

    Todorov SD, Ho P, Vaz-Velho M, Dicks LMT Characterization of bacteriocins produced by two strains of Lactobacillus plantarum isolated from Beloura and Chourico, traditional pork products from Portugal Meat Science 84 334-343, 2010
    View abstract

    Vieira MMC, Ho P Experiments in Unit Operations and Processing of Foods, 2008
    View abstract

    Ho P, Vieira MMC Case studies in food safety and environmental health, 2007
    View abstract

    Carvalho AS, Silva J, Ho P, Teixeira P, Malcata FX, Gibbs P Relationship between solubility of freeze-dried skim milk and death of freeze-dried Lactobacillus delbrueckii ssp bulgaricus during storage Milchwissenschaft-milk Science International 62 148-150, 2007
    View abstract

    Avila IMLB, Martins RC, Ho P, Hendrickx M, Silva CLM Variability in quality of white and green beans during in-pack sterilization Journal of Food Engineering 73 149-156, 2006
    View abstract

    Rodrigues MJ, Ho P, Lopez-Caballero ME, Bandarra NM, Nunes ML Chemical, microbiological, and sensory quality of cod products salted in different brines Journal of Food Science 70 M1-M6, 2005
    View abstract

    Carvalho AS, Silva J, Ho P, Teixeira P, Malcata FX, Gibbs P Effects of various sugars added to growth and drying media upon thermotolerance and survival throughout storage of freeze-dried lactobacillus delbrueckii ssp bulgaricus Biotechnology Progress 20 248-254, 2004
    View abstract

    Carvalho AS, Silva, J., Ho P, Teixeira P, Xavier Malcata X, Gibbs P Relevant factors for the preparation of freeze-dried lactic acid bacteria International Dairy Journal 14 835-847, 2004
    View abstract

    Carvalho AS, Silva J, Ho P, Teixeira P, Malcata FX, Gibbs P Effects of addition of sucrose and salt, and of starvation upon thermotolerance and survival during storage of freeze-dried Lactobacillus delbrueckii ssp bulgaricus Journal of Food Science 68 2538-2541, 2003
    View abstract

    Carvalho AS, Silva J, Ho P, Teixeira P, Malcata FX, Gibbs P Effect of various growth media upon survival during storage of freeze-dried Enterococcus faecalis and Enterococcus durans Journal of Applied Microbiology 94 947-952, 2003
    View abstract

    Carvalho AS, Silva J, Ho P, Teixeira P, Malcata FX, Gibbs P Impedimetric method for estimating the residual activity of freeze-dried Lactobacillus delbrueckii ssp bulgaricus International Dairy Journal 13 463-468, 2003
    View abstract

    Carvalho AS, Silva J, Ho P, Teixeira P, Malcata FX, Gibbs P Protective effect of sorbitol and monosodium glutamate during storage of freeze-dried lactic acid bacteria Lait 83 203-210, 2003
    View abstract

    Rodrigues MJ, Ho P, Lopez-Caballero ME, Vaz-Pires P, Nunes ML Characterization and identification of microflora from soaked cod and respective salted raw materials Food Microbiology 20 471-481, 2003
    View abstract

    Georgieva P, Feyo de Azevedo S, Gonçalves MJ, Ho P Modeling of sugar crystallization through knowledge integration Engineering in Life Sciences 3 146-153, 2003
    View abstract

    Carvalho AS, Silva J, Ho P, Teixeira P, Malcata FX, Gibbs P Survival of freeze-dried Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus rhamnosus during storage in the presence of protectants Biotechnology Letters 24 1587-1591, 2002
    View abstract

    Ho P, Silva MCM, Hogg TA Multiple imputation and maximum likelihood principal component analysis of incomplete multivariate data from a study of the ageing of port Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems 55 1-11, 2001
    View abstract

    Ho P, Silva MDM, Hogg TA Changes in colour and phenolic composition during the early stages of maturation of port in wood, stainless steel and glass Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 81 1269-1280, 2001
    View abstract

    Ho P, Silva MCM, Frias JM, Heyd, B. Predicting the age of port wine by the application of neural networks and chemometrics methods. Italian Beverage Technology 22 29-31, 2000

    Ho P, Frias JM, Silva MCM The use of neural networks in predicting the age of tawny port wines OEnologie 99 , 2000

    Ho P, Hogg TA, Silva MCM Application of a liquid chromatographic method for the determination of phenolic compounds and furans in fortified wines Food Chemistry 64 115-122, 1999
    View abstract

    Ho P, Rogerson FSS, Watkins SJ, Silva MD, Hogg TA, Vasconcelos I Effect of skin contact and oxygenation of musts on the composition of white port wines Sciences Des Aliments 19 687-699, 1999
    View abstract

    Ho P, Silva MCM Wood ageing of port: changes in headspace oxygen and the effect of aerated racking, 1997

    Zheng L, Philippe C, Ho P Application of a Many-Facet Rasch Model (MFRM) in preference testing with an 11-point hedonic scale,

    Zheng L, Philippe C, Ho P Application of Rasch analysis of a consumer attitude survey– a revisit of Health and Taste Attitude Scales (HTAS),
    View abstract

    Ho P Statistical methods and tools for analysing sensory food texture In Modifying Food Texture Volume 2: Sensory Analysis, Consumer Requirements and Preferences ,