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Eric Dickinson

Honorary Professor
Research section: Food Colloids and Processing

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Room: 1.23
Tel: +44 (0)113 3432956


dairy colloids
adsorbed protein layers
protein–polysaccharide interactions
computer simulation

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Research interests

Eric Dickinson is an Honorary Research Professor in the School with interests and expertise in the area of food colloids. He was educated in physical chemistry at the University of Sheffield. After postdoctoral posts in California, Leeds and Oxford, he joined the then Procter Department of Food Science as a Lecturer in 1977, and was promoted to Reader in 1988 and a Personal Chair in Food Colloids in 1992. He formally retired from his Personal Chair in 2008, and continues his research activities through publications, external lectures and editorial activities.

Eric is the author/editor of several books, including An Introduction to Food Colloids (Oxford University Press, 1992). He is the Founder and Chairman of the International Steering Committee of the biennial series of European Food Colloid Conferences. He is Associate Editor of the journal Food Hydrocolloids.

Published research includes papers on the following topics:
Properties of milk protein adsorbed layers - interfacial structure of casein and whey protein layers; interaction forces between protein-coated surfaces; theory of electrostatic/sterc stabilization by mixed protein layers; surface shear rheology, including effects of ageing, temperature, and cross-linking.
Flocculation, gelation and creaminess of emulsions — flocculation and acid-induced gelation of caseinate-stabilized emulsions, including effects of protein content, sugars, calcium ions, polysaccharides, surfactants; shear stability of droplets containing fat crystals; sensory perception of creaminess
Adsorption from mixtures of proteins and surfactants — competitive displacement of proteins from the interface by surfactants; surface properties of protein + emulsifier systems; effects of emulsifiers on stability/rheology of protein-based emulsions, including gelled emulsions and whipped emulsions
Proteinpolysaccharide interactions and complexes — effects of protein–polysaccharide interactions on interfacial and emulsion properties; monitoring of phase separation and flocculation with confocal microscopy; high-pressure processing effects; protein–polysaccharide Maillard conjugates as emulsifiers
Computer simulation of colloidal systems — application of Monte Carlo, molecular dynamics and Brownian dynamics simulations; numerical modelling of colloidal aggregation, competitive adsorption and protein adsorbed layer properties; comparison with rheology, stability and microscopy experiments


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View abstract

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