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Victoria Burley

Associate Professor in Nutritional Epidemiology and Deputy Postgraduate Research Tutor
Research section: Nutrition and Public Health

Contact details

Room: G.13
Tel: +44 (0)113 3433418


systematic literature review

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Research interests

My research interests include:

  • Factors affecting weight gain in middle-aged women
  • Factors affecting satiety and energy intake
  • The relationship between diet and cancer
  • Systematic reviews of diet and health
  • The relationship between dietary patterns and risk of cancers of the breast and colorectum
  • Dietary assessment methodology
  • The impact of dietary wheat consumption on the level of urinary deoxynivalenol in UK adults

Recent Funding Activity:

Food Standards Agency. A systematic literature of dietary carbohydrate and cardiometabolic health. (£260,000)

World Cancer Research Fund Fruit and vegetable intakes and weight change in middle-aged women. (£42,000)

Snacking patterns and body weight control in middle-aged women: Further analysis of the UK Women’s Cohort Study. (£66,000)

Systematic literature reviews of ‘Food, nutrition and physical activity and risk of cancers of the stomach and pancreas’. (£120,000)

Notable Publications:

  1. Burley VJ, Greenwood DC, Hepworth SJ, Fraser G, de Kok T, van Breda SG, Kyrtopoulos S, Botsivali M, Kleinjans J, McKinney PA, Cade JE. Dietary acrylamide intake and risk of breast cancer in the UK Women's Cohort. Br J Cancer 2010;in press.
  2. Cade JE, Taylor EF, Burley VJ, Greenwood DC. Common dietary patterns and risk of breast cancer: analysis from the United Kingdom Women's Cohort Study. Nutr Cancer 2010 April;62(3):300-6.
  3. Dahm CC, Keogh RH, Spencer EA, Greenwood DC, Key TJ, Fentiman IS, Shipley MJ, Brunner EJ, Cade JE, Burley VJ, Mishra G, Stephen AM, Kuh D, White IR, Luben R, Lentjes MA, Khaw KT, Rodwell Bingham SA. Dietary fiber and colorectal cancer risk: a nested case-control study using food diaries. J Natl Cancer Inst 2010 May 5;102(9):614-26.
  4. Hopton RP, Turner E, Burley VJ, Turner PC, Fisher J. Urine metabolite analysis as a function of deoxynivalenol exposure: an NMR-based metabolomics investigation. Food Addit Contam Part A Chem Anal Control Expo Risk Assess 2010 February;27(2):255-61.
  5. Tu YK, Summers LK, Burley V, Chien K, Law GR, Fleming T, Gilthorpe MS. Trends in the association between blood pressure and obesity in a Taiwanese population between 1996 and 2006. J Hum Hypertens 2010 March 25.
  6. Wild D, Robins GG, Burley VJ, Howdle PD. Evidence of high sugar intake and low fibre and mineral intake in the gluten-free diet. Aliment Pharmacol Ther 2010 June 4.
  7. Burley VJ, Chan DS, Cade JE. Eating frequency and weight gain: a prospective analysis using data from the UK Women's Cohort Study. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society 67, E362. 2008.
  8. Thompson RL, Bandera EV, Burley VJ, Cade JE, Forman D, Freudenheim JL, Greenwood D, Jacobs DR, Kalliecharan RV, Kushi LH, McCullough ML, Miles LM, Moore DF, Moreton JA, Rastogi T, Wiseman MJ. Reproducibility of systematic literature reviews on food, nutrition, physical activity and endometrial cancer. Public Health Nutrition 2008 October;11(10):1006-14.
  9. Cotton JR, Burley VJ, Weststrate JA, Blundell JE. Dietary fat and appetite: similarities and differences in the satiating effect of meals supplemented with either fat or carbohydrate. J Hum Nutr Diet 2007 June;20(3):186-99.
  10. Burley VJ, Greenwood D, Chan DS, Cade JE, Moreton JA, Forman D. Salt, salty foods and risk of gastric cancer: a systematic literature review. Public Health Nutrition 9[7A], 224. 2006.
  11. Forman D, Burley VJ. Gastric cancer: global pattern of the disease and an overview of environmental risk factors. Best Pract Res Clin Gastroenterol 2006 August;20(4):633-49.